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Healthy-Living Television for the Kid in us ALL!

It's Not Just a Cooking Show for Kids......It's a Way of LIFE!

Maui's Magical Menu

Cutty starts out the morning trying to impress the kids with a few mediocre magic tricks.  With the help of our cast of kids, all budding magicians with a few tricks of their own… and Chef Bryan Ashlock of Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, the real Magic starts to happen as the gang learn about healthy fries rice & breakfast burritos.  After breakfast, the kids get a bit of exercise and history by jogging the recently restored Ka’anapali Historical Trail and learn about Ka’anapali’s past and present.  The gang gets a magical visit from real magician Jodi Baron who invites them to the to enjoy the “Kupanaha” magic show featuring the Baron Family….and a great menu of food featuring child, teen and adult selections.



Run Time 24 Minutes

Artwork coming soon


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