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OC16 "Shattered Dreams" Special addresses the tragedy of teenage drunk driving.


The tragedy of senselessly losing a loved one to the epidemic of teenage drunk driving can be unbearable to those who have experienced it first hand. "You never think this is something than will happen to you, states a student participant in the project, who lost two friends over the past two years to teenage drunk driving.  "But it can happen to anyone…we're not as invincible as we think."  


Spearheaded by Deputy Prosecutor Mitch Roth, the film is a joint collaboration of HawaiiCounty, the Hawaii County Prosecutors Office, and Kealakehe High School.  The edgy half hour TV special addresses the devastating effects of teenage drunk driving.  It follows a familiar format created by the non-profit agency "Every 15 Minutes".  Roth, who has seen and dealt with the repercussions of this tragic trend first hand on the job, set the project in motion when he raised the necessary funds and handed the task to Kealakehe HS teacher Jennifer Collins, a Kealakehe teacher.  When the eager teacher challenged her students to get involved, it was an instant and unanimous "Yes"….as they were all aware of the rash of deaths and injuries occurring in their own community as a result of this teenage drunk driving epidemic.  "It's something that affects more than just the victims"….chimes Deputy Prosecutor Roth.  "I wanted to take a hands on approach here and create something that would impact the whole community by showing the ripple effect and repercussions of participation in this type of behavior.  We want this film to save more lives than those we lose to this senseless killer" .


"When we started editing the film, I was amazed by the shear number of people and resources within our community that all came together for this production,  adds the films co-prodcuer Cutty Cutler of TV's Cookin' With Cutty".  The level of commitment by each and every participant gives me goosebumps…and it shows in the finished product, a live-action/docu-drama formatted production.  The performances of a few of the parents in particular are Emmy worthy, although there were no professional actors used in the film.  I've watched it hundreds of times during the edit and still can't hold back tears.  It's not our usual genre, but I was so impressed with the effort of the community, the parents & students, I thought it would be great to share it with others by pitching it to the network to broadcast."


The "Shattered Dreams" program involves the dramatization of an alcohol-related crash on or near a high school campus, complete with police and EMS response, emergency room treatment, family notifications, and the arrest and booking of the driver. "We did have several students involved who attended a retreat that was hosted and ran by the Queen Liliokalani Children's Center.  During that retreat the students went through some exercises and debriefed the days events.  At the same time the parents went through a retreat that was hosted and ran by Hospice of Kona.  During that retreat the parents debriefed the days events and were invited to attend an assembly on campus the next day.", States Roth.


The next morning a wrap-up assembly is held featuring those who played roles in the previous day's drama, including the "crash" victims, the drunk driver, their parents, and participating law enforcement and medical personnel.  At the assembly, portions of the video were shown and friends and family of students who died in alcohol crashes talked.   The students also had other students sign a pledge not to drive drunk.


"It's riveting", states Oceanic Time Warners Senior Programming Director Lianne Killion.  "Viewers are going to be greatly impacted by this broadcast", which also features cameo appearances by Hawaii County police & fire rescue workers, Hawaii Community Hospital staff, Hawaii County Judge Ronald Ibarra and staff, both the district attorneys office and the  Hawaii County proecuters office... and the Kealakehe High School students as cast, crew and support during the production.  "Our whole staff was deeply moved when we screened the film and we're excited about the broadcast."  


The network will premier the show on OC16 during a prime-time broadcast on March 9 at 8:30pm and re-broadcast an additional 9 times over the following week including the following Friday at 8:00pm.  It's presented by Apono Hawaii, Ka'anapli Beach Resort Association, Fairwind II and other local businesses and patrons.  The film was produced by Gecko Entertainment in Association with CuttyTV.  Go to for more details and broadcast dates & times.

"Every15Minutes"...Private Screening Page

This film is a joint presentation of the Hawaii County Prosecutors Office, Cookin' With Cutty, the County of Hawaii,  and Kealakehe High School.  This broadcast version and meets technical spec and all other Time-Warner broadcast-ready requirements.  Broadcast insurance and photo/broadcast releases for each person appearing are on file on our production offices.  Music releases are also on file where required.

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This filmed is based on a format provided by the non-profit "Every15Minutes".  

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Premiers Friday,

March 9, 8:30pm