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Healthy-Living Television for the Kid in us ALL!

It's Not Just a Cooking Show for Kids......It's a Way of LIFE!


Aloha Gang:  Cookin’ With Cutty is planning the production of a special episode of our show…and we want YOU and your Ohana to be part of it.  We are looking for short, one to five minute home-made cooking videos involving Keiki & family.


Do you have a great recipe you want to share with our viewers in Hawaii & beyond?  If so, we want to help you make a video of it then air it on an upcoming broadcast of Cookin’ With Cutty.  


Check out our instructions below where we’ll show you how to shoot a great video and even help you edit it together if it makes air.  This will be a fun project for your entire Ohana which will also serve our community at large.  




Thanks so much for participating in our very first Cutty’s Keiki House Chefs episode.  


In order to be able to broadcast your video on TV, it must meet certain production quality standards.  We’re not asking you to become professionals, just to follow our guidelines, ensuring your video makes it to TV.




Todays smart phones & smart devices are very high quality and using one is fine.  Your video must be shot in HD (1080P) and in a horizontal format in order for us to broadcast it, so make sure your device is set that way.



Audio is even more important than video in this case, and while video is very good on smart devices, getting good audio is more challenging.  Make sure you have little or no background noise during filming.  If possible, use an external “lapel microphone” for your talent.  This will give you the best audio results.There are also kits available from stores like Walmart and Target that might include a microphone, tripod and even lighting.



Lighting is also a crucial factor in making a good cooking video.  There are pros and cons to shooting both inside & outside. Either way, lighting needs to be as even as possible and you must avoid filming in shadows or in overly bright light.

Outside…best lighting outside is in the very early morning hours.  Known in the industry as a “golden hour”.  This will give you the least amount of shadows.  Mid day provides the most harsh lighting and is not recommended, unless you are in an evenly and well-lit shaded area.  

Always shoot with the sun behind the cameraman or camera.  Never shoot directly into the sun or any bright light.  

Inside…light your space as evenly & brightly as possible, but try to avoid harsh lighting.  Once again, avoid shooting in shadows.  


Camera Work

Keep the camera as still as possible while filming.  If you have to move the camera position while filming, do so in a slow and study manner.

If outside, always set up with the sun behind you.  Shooting directly into the sun or any bright light source causes exposure issues that not be corrected in post production.

You may use more than one camera, providing each camera produces a distinctly different angle or view than the other.  All cameras must record audio in order for us to sync them together when editing.



this is anyone in front of the camera.  Make sure your talent projects their voice in a firm manner during filming, especially if you’re only using the audio from your smart device.  Write out a script of key bullet points for your talent ahead of time and display it prominently during filming..



Dress any way you’d like, express yourself…but please avoid prominently displaying logos on clothing or anywhere else on camera.  Hawaiian style clothing is awesome, flower prints…etc.  We prefer something bright and colorful if possible.  Please no black or white.  High contrast stripes & polkadots also not recommended.  



No worries on this.  If your video is chosen for broadcast, we will do the editing for you.  You only need to get us the raw footage and we will do the rest.  Just focus on getting clean, crispy, sharp, colorful video.  

Step 1  Preproduction

Write out the ingredients of your recipe, as well as the preparation instructions on paper.  Also write out any important facts, or messaging you’d like to say during the video.  We will need all of this to help edit the footage you send us.


Step 2 Filming Preparation

Pick a filming location

Decorate your set

Lay out each of your ingredients in small containers.  Please no “brand” packaging whenever possible.

Leave a space for mixing, pouring, cooking…etc.


Step 3 Filming

You can perhaps enlist the help of a camera-person…set your camera up on a tripod, or be creative in your own way when it comes to filming.  


Filming is done in several steps

Each video should begin with our talent introducing themselves and telling our audience a little something about themselves.  This will be followed by your dish or recipe and why you chose it.  Please introduce it with a name like “Cutty’s Vegetable Soup Dish” or “Tutus Famous Malasada” or whatever you want to call it.  


Before you start filming your talent, and after you’ve set up your cooking space…

1.  Shoot close ups of each ingredient.  No audio necessary

2. Shoot close ups of Talent and guests faces with various facial expressions.  No audio necessary.


Here are a few more tips to help you during your filming process.

1. Shoot medium or wide while your “talent” is introducing the dish, explaining the recipe or cooking  instructions

2. Shoot close ups of food being cut, poured added to a pot/pan, sautéed, sizzling, mixed…etc.

3. Shoot medium shot of food going into oven of that’s part of the recipe.

4. Shoot more medium and wide shots of Talent recapping the recipe

5. Shoot close ups of finished product

6. Shoot medium & wide of Ohana eating product with Shaka afterwards.

Finish with a recap of your name and recipe and a "thank you" to your viewers.

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Please click here to fill out our talent release form and upload your video files to our servers.

Here are the terms under which we will consider airing your video.  

  • No profanity or vulgar language

  • Good, clear audio with little or no background noise

  • Well-lit video with very steady camera work

  • HD video only. The recommended and preferred specifications are 30 or 60 Frames Per Second with 1920×1080     or 1280×720 Resolution

  • Must sign our video release form

  • This is not a contest. Producers have the sole right to determine which videos make it to broadcast

  • All submissions become the sole property of Producer  

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